Southland Baptist Bible Institute exists to train men and women for a life of service and ministry for the Lord Jesus Christ. Our Diploma of Ministries course is recommended for all believers from any walk of life, and this can be extended into the practical Graduate In Theology course for men preparing to enter the pastoral roles.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide an opportunity for committed men and women to train and study in a caring local church environment. We aim to assist them through instruction and caring so that they will be ready to undertake service in whatever area the Lord directs them to. We recognise the Master Trainer is the Lord. Without His work in a person’s life, all other efforts will be in vain. We see ourselves as simply tools in the Lord’s hands that can be used to help mould and shape the lives of our students that they would be fit for His purposes..

And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.
2 Timothy 2:2

Start & Finish Dates

2019 Semester 1

Commencement: 3rd February, 2019

Conclusion: 16th July, 2019

2019 Semester 2

Commencement: 21st July, 2019

Conclusion: 10th December, 2019

Session 1 will run on Sunday mornings from 8:00am to 9:45am.

Session 2 will run on Monday evenings from 6:00pm to 7:30pm.

Students should arrive 5-10 minutes prior to the class commencement time. Arriving constantly late is not only a sign of poor character, but it is bad manners as well.

Faithfulness to all classes is encouraged and expected. Students missing more than two (2) classes in any subject will not be eligible to sit the exam for that subject. It will be necessary to re-enrol for that subject to obtain a pass and credit.

All teachers should be addressed by their correct title – eg Pastor, Dr, Mr etc.

SBBI Prospectus

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Expression of Interest

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Statement of Faith

This statement of faith encompasses a summary of the major doctrines and beliefs held to by Southland Baptist Bible Institute. It is in no way definitive. Those who require more details should consult the statement of faith contained in the Good Shepherd Baptist Church doctrinal statement and constitution.

  1. We believe that the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are verbally and plenarily inspired by the Holy Spirit. We believe they have been providentially preserved and, therefore, are wholly without error. We believe the King James Bible is God’s Word preserved for English speaking people, and therefore we do reject all other modern versions.
  2. We believe in one God who eternally exists in three persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, each being co-equal in power and glory. These three are one God though separate in personality and work.
  3. We believe in the deity, virgin birth, and bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ. Being one personality in the Godhead, we therefore believe He is God.
  4. We believe that the salvation is found only in Jesus Christ. Salvation is by grace alone. This salvation must be received personally by faith, and those that believe have, according to the Scriptures, received the new birth.
  5. We believe in the personal, visible, bodily, imminent, premillennial return of Jesus Christ. We believe in the rapture of the saints when Jesus will come in the air to receive all those who have been born again. We believe this “catching up”, or rapture, precedes the tribulation period and takes place about seven years before Christ’s visible coming in power and great glory. We believe in the literal thousand year millennial reign by Christ on earth during which time Satan will be bound. We believe this millennial reign takes place after the seven year tribulation period.
  6. We believe the Holy Spirit is the third personality of the Godhead. We believe He convicts men of sin, righteousness, and judgement, that He is the necessary and supernatural agent in regeneration, baptising all believers in the body of Christ, and indwelling and sealing them unto the Day of Redemption. We do not believe the evidence of baptism of the Holy Spirit is speaking in tongues.
  7. We believe that man was created in the image of God, and that by His own choice sinned, thereby bringing physical, spiritual, and eternal death upon all mankind. we believe that to die in this condition, without the new birth, is to be damned forever without hope.
  8. We believe in six literal days of creation being actual 24 hour periods. We believe God created by speaking the creation into being. We utterly reject theistic evolution and the theory of evolution in any of its forms.
  9. We believe that Heaven and Hell are actual, literal places. We believe that every man will spend eternity in one of those two places. We believe that all those who died without Christ are forever lost and shall abide eternally in the Lake of Fire. We believe that those who are saved by Christ shall abide forever in the blessedness of Heaven.
  10. We believe in a personal devil who oft’ times masquerades as angel of light. We believe that this devil, called Satan, hates the work of God, hinders the Gospel, and seeks to damn the souls of men forever.
  11. We believe that baptism by immersion is the only proper and Scriptural mode of baptism. We believe it is only to be administered to those who have made a personal profession of faith in Jesus Christ. Baptism is an act of obedience but does not in any way contribute to an individual’s salvation.
  12. We believe that the Lord’s Supper should consist of unleavened bread and unfermented fruit of the vine, and that these are the appropriate symbols of our Lord’s broken body and shed blood.
  13. We believe that the only church on earth is local churches, or assemblies of believers. We believe the church, by definition, consists of a local, called-out, assembled group of believers. The church should be independent and completely free from political or ecclesiastical hierarchy. We believe the church should be fully autonomous and therefore reject denominationalism.
  14. We believe that the modern day manifestation of tongues, healings, interpretation of tongues, being slain in the spirit, holy laughter, and word of knowledge are neither Scriptural nor of God. We believe that such things have no place in the local church.