COVID-19 & Our Church Services

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Important Info For Zoom Groups

To create a better experience for all involved, we’ve limited the number of ‘connections’ available within each Zoom Group. What this means is that for each group there will be a Group Host and a few other available device connections.

We understand that more than one person may be represented by one ‘connection’ (eg. a Family connected via one laptop), which is completely fine. When proceeding to register for a group, in the Quantity (Qty) field, please enter the number of DEVICES connecting to that group (not the number of people viewing on that device).

EXAMPLE 1: The Smith family have 4 people that will join Pastor Lloyd’s group, all watching from the same laptop. In the Quantity field of Pastor Lloyd’s group, they would enter the number 1.

EXAMPLE 2: The Jones family have 2 people that will join Pastor Lloyd’s group, watching from the same laptop, and 1 person joining Cassie Lloyd’s group using a mobile phone. In the Quantity fields they would enter the number 1 for Pastor Lloyd’s group, and the number 1 for Cassie Lloyd’s group.

For each connection quantity chosen, you will be required to fill in FULL NAME (First and Last) and ZOOM EMAIL ADDRESS. This is the Full Name and Email address used to setup the ZOOM account for the device that will connect to a particular group.

Once you’ve downloaded ZOOM and have registered, you’ll want to connect to the Group. The link to join the group (and password) can be accessed at the top of this page when ready.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please email

(2:30pm) Update 27 March 2020

Dear Church,

As mentioned earlier this week, our church services will now be live-streamed only at the following times:

  • Sunday Morning 10:00am
  • Sunday Evening 6:00pm (followed by online Zoom discussion groups)
  • Wednesday Evening 7:00pm (followed by online Zoom prayer groups)

If you would like to be a part of our Zoom groups, please download the Zoom app to your computer HERE or on your mobile device through the Apple Store or Google Play Store. This page also has 3 tutorial videos on downloading and setting up your Zoom account.

To stay updated and to be a part of our Zoom groups – please add/update any contact details we may not have via our Contact page. This will assist us in effectively adding you to our Zoom discussion groups ready for Sunday night.

If you have any trouble getting set up with Zoom, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to assist.